Fields of Communication: Nature · Culture · Technology School of Communication, Royal College of Art 10/2018 - London, UK

Speculative diagrams: plotting to reclaim algorithmic prediction with Betti Marenko - 08/2018 Art, Materiality and Representation conference, Royal Anthropological Institute, British Museum, London UK.

Navigating Finance and the Imagination 04/2018 - London UK
Counterspeculations Audiotour of the City of London based on the event.

Colossal Dust: Practices of Obsession and Investigation - This Happened London 03/2018 - London UK Read

Anticipation 2017 Conference 11/2017 - London UK Read

Invisible Narratives - Kikk Festival 11/2017 - Namur BE

Very Very Far Away Digital Design Weekend, V&A Museum 09/2017 London UK Listen - Interviewing Dr. Roberto Trotta. Listen - Interviewed by Jasmin Blasco.

Prima Materia; alchemical thinking and making in art, design and music - Fiber Festival 05/2017 - Amsterdam NL Watch

Critical Digital - Interaction Design Arts, London College of Communication 03/2017 - London UK

Shapeshifters 16/11/2016 - Brussels BE

Counting by Other Means 4S/EASST Conference: Science and Technology by Other Means 09/2016 - Barcelona ES

Future Everything 04/2016 - Manchester UK

Le Catastrophisme Le Cube 02/2016 - Paris FR

Guest Lecture ESADSE 12/2015 - St. Etienne FR

The Expanded Designer Camberwell College of Arts UAL 10/2015 - London UK

Indie Bio University College Cork 07/2015 - Cork IE

Guest Lecture LCC School of Design University of the Arts London 04/2015 - London UK

RGS-IBG Annual Conference Royal Geographical Society 08/2014 - London UK

Synthetic Aesthetics Friday Late V&A Museum 04/2014 - London UK

BIO ART - BIO DESIGN, enjeux culturels et sociétaux de la biologie de synthèse ESPGG-ESPCI Paris Tech Décalab and Leonardo/OLATS 03/2014 - Paris FR Watch

Current Values TENT 11/2013 - Rotterdam NL

L'imaginaire et les Techniques CETCOPRA, Paris 1 Sorbonne 11/2013 - Paris FR

Real Fiction - lecture series Die Angewandte University of Applied Arts 04/2013 - Vienna AT

Ignite Dublin Science Gallery 22/2012 - Dublin IE

Electric Bookshop Edinburgh Science Festival 04/2012 - Edinburgh UK

Seminar Series STS in Synthetic Biology ESRC Genomics Network 03/2012 - Lancaster University UK

Tweak! Modding Disciplines Through Inventive Tools UC Davis 09/2012 - CA USA

4S Conference 08/2010 - Komaba Tokyo University, Tokyo JP (sponsorship from Microsoft Research, Cambridge UK)

TestLab: the Invisible City V2 Institute for the Unstable Media 07/2010 - Rotterdam NL