The Presage Range

The PRESAGE™ Range is a series of fictional scientific machines which predict the future. These devices reference historical scientific theories and the imagery of lab-equipment catalogs to explore the aesthetics of mechanical objectivity.

20170428 BOL

Boltzmann Scanner - BOL930i
- Hardware based vortex lattice generator
- Save up to 12 Gflops at execution (Linpack benchmark)
- Fully replicable with multi-flow point-cloud logging

20170428 WAD

Waddington Surface - WAD720i
- Input DNA sequences in: FASTQ, EMBL, FASTA or GenBank formats
- Modular design expands to your requirements
- Micro-hydraulics with 0.2µm precision
- Combine with our Visio™ system for automated batch testing

20170428 RIC

Richardson Observatory - RIC320i
- Aggregate sources (IMMA, netCDF, and more) with unified granularity
- Interact directly with composite atmosphere meta-models
- Full 4K-360° resolution

20170428 ACC

- Press Release -

Aviato, the worldwide leader in predictive hardware solutions, is proud to release PRESAGE™, its latest line of cutting edge instruments. These combine time-tested science with the latest technology to deliver reliable prediction and model-checking in super-computing, genetics and climatology.

Aviato has long believed in the power, accuracy and security of on-premises hardware based solutions. PRESAGE™ brings these advantages to a new level by providing ground-truth models of unmatched reliability with the lowest possible latency. Our precision engineering will allow you to:

- Calibrate and prove vortex models faster than ever before (BOL930i).
- Predict cell-fate determination with unprecedented accuracy (WAD720i).
- Interact directly with composite atmosphere meta-models (RIC320i).

The PRESAGE™ range opens a new era in predictive hardware and demonstrates Aviato’s commitment to innovation as the industry leader in the quest to extend knowledge and reduce uncertainty.


70x70cm C-type prints.

Commissioned by:
Prima Materia; Alchemical Thinking And Making In Art Design And Music, Fiber Festival 2017