The Culturists

The Culturists are a community of wealthy individuals who have taken up the culturing of their own cells outside their bodies as a new form of ‘body-building’. They recognise in-vitro cultures as an extension of the self, and push the boundaries of science for narcissistic purposes.

Amongst progress in stem cell research and the elusive dream of techno-immortality, the Culturists embark on a race to the highest cell count. They start by repurposing their bathrooms and hot tubs as home-laboratories, but soon push each other to more ambitious challenges such as covering the entire planet or building deep-time repositories.


Commissioned by:
Future of Money Design Award 2014: Identity is the new money.

Research Log

Scientific Advisor:
Dr. Marianne Ellis, Bath University

Voiceover: Michael James Lewis
Thanks to: Bruno Turnheim, Tim Dufour